BMW 6 Series Review & Test Drive


BMW 6 Series Overview

The edition of BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe typifies minor styling changes on the outside. BMW 6 Series pictures of the exterior gives a sneak peek into the styling changes done on the outside. On the whole, no concrete change has been made on the Gran Coupe, keeping the butch looks largely unchanged. Mitochondrion source remains intact too, the coupe continues to receive power from the same 3.0 litre, straight six diesel engine, which performed duty in the predecessor. There is no option for a petrol motor in the BMW 6 Series Gran coupe line-up. An eight speed transmission is synced to the diesel motor which directs power to the rear wheels. Minimal tweaks have also been conferred upon the interiors. Most of the tweaks have been made to the front apron, the BMW’s signature kidney shaped grille now features 9 bars instead of 10 in the previous model. This has in turn improved the air cooling to the engine, the bars affixed on the grille have been modified which further renders a forward slant to the radiator grille.For more information on car loans check Fincarz.

Up front, the coupe gets redesigned full LED head lights and modified fog lights placed beneath the head lamps on the restyled front bumper. There is also an option for adaptive LED head lamps with anti-dazzle high beam assistant. Rear gets revised bumper with horizontal chrome insert rendering it a wider stance. Side profile is marked by redesigned alloy wheels and remodelled outside rear view mirrors with integrated horizontal indicators. Spruced up interiors feature two tone leather upholstery, other additions made to the cabin include a head up display, high gloss black finish around the buttons placed on the central console (for climate control and audio system). There are only two variants in the coupe’s range including the 640d Eminence and 640d Design Pure experience variants. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe price in India is placed a tad high, all thanks to the plethora of interior and safety equipments on board. For further details on BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe price in your city and additional accessories on offer contact BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe dealers.

BMW 6 Series Exterior & Look

The 6GT sits between the 5-series sedan and 7-series limousine in BMW’s model hierarchy, and its size reflects as much too. It’s over 150mm longer than the 5 sedan, and the 3,070mm wheelbase is also 95mm longer than the sedan’s, if still 9mm shorter than that of the long-wheelbase Merc E-class. The 6GT is also taller and wider than the 5-series, and the net effect is that it looks more substantial than the sedan in the metal.

Also important to bring in right at the start is that the 6GT’s design is not as much of an acquired taste as the old 5GT’s. Sure, traditionalists may still not take to the liftback (Gran Turismo in BMW speak) shape, and individualists who want their cars to stand out have the sexier Audi sportbacks to choose from, but the latest BMW does balance form and function far more successfully than its predecessor. The 6GT has a smoother silhouette, and BMW designers are particularly proud of how the 64mm lower rear deck has allowed the roof to flow down coupé-style into the back. Still, there are angles from which the 6GT appears bulky, especially on the standard 18-inch wheels that look small amid the vast body.

Play spot the differences with pictures of the 5 sedan and 6GT’s front ends and you’ll note the latter’s headlights are raised and the bumper is unique in its detailing too. The overall styling treatment, however, is modern BMW. The headlights fuse with the kidney grille, and at the sides there’s a prominent shoulder line too; the traditional Hofmeister kink at the C-pillars, however, is all but absent. A nice touch is the sculpted effect to the full-LED tail-lights and there’s a hidden spoiler atop the rear deck that automatically rises when above 120kph, and can also be extended/retracted at the touch of a button. The 6GT also gets other clever aero-aiding touches like inlets in the front bumpers and outlets just aft the front wheel arches to reduce turbulence around the wheel arches. Also hidden behind the kidney grille are mechanical louvres that shut when the engine doesn’t need cooling, thereby reducing drag and improving airflow over the car.

Like the 5-series, the 6GT is built on BMW’s new CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform, with the body structure using a substantial proportion of aluminium and high-strength steel. BMW claims the 6GT is as much as 150kg lighter than the 5GT it replaces. For now, the 6GT is only available in India in 630i petrol form, though a diesel is expected soon. Power from the engine goes to the rear wheels via ZF’s ubiquitous eight-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. The suspension comprises double wishbones up front and a multi-link setup at the rear; commendably, air springs and dynamic dampers are standard fit.

BMW 6 Series Interior & Space

Given that the 6GT shares its dashboard layout with the 5-series, we’ll come back to the front section of the cabin in a bit. For now, let’s focus on the prime reason one would pick the 6GT over the 5 sedan – the rear seat. Open the rear doors and once you are done marvelling at the frameless windows, what becomes instantly evident is that the 6GT is far roomier than its sedan sibling. Pardon the cliché, but there’s acres of space in the back, with the large windows and huge panoramic sunroof making the cabin feel airier still. Even sitting behind a six-footer is not an issue with still enough legroom to stretch out. And for a car that boasts a coupé-like roofline, headroom is good too. However, BMW should have gone one step further with the option to slide the front passenger seat forward from the rear to give chauffeur-driven owners that ultimate feeling of space. The fact that you get this feature on the comparable Merc E 200 is something that won’t escape a buyer’s attention. Check for more info on BMW 6 series in Spectralreview

The 6GT’s rear seats themselves are well cushioned and supportive, but they don’t feel quite as sumptuous as the ones on the E-class. Have no doubts though, because you are still very comfortably sat in the back of a 6GT. The pillows on the headrests whisper luxury and there’s also the option to electrically recline the backrest angle to your liking. Electrically retractable sun shades for the side windows enhance the comfort factor, and BMW has done well to equip the 6GT with a rear-seat entertainment system and four-zone climate control as standard.

Up front, the feeling is of sitting in a slightly raised 5-series. The dashboard looks like a direct carry-over from the sedan, which is not a bad thing in the least. The combination of the digital instruments (they change theme with mode), the centre infotainment display and even the colour screen for the climate control system work beautifully to give the cabin a very modern look. The cabin is also a fairly sporty environment to be in what with the chunky steering and BMW’s joystick-like gear lever. Quality is excellent just about everywhere, but some bits like the power window switches don’t feel particularly special for a car of this price. We also found the drive mode selector switches besides the gear lever a bit fiddly to operate on the move.

6GT drivers will like their seats for comfort and the view afforded out the front. At the same time, the absence of seat lumbar adjust and the limited rear visibility are quirks those behind the wheel will just have to live with. No complaints for in-cabin storage (okay, the glovebox is a bit small), but what is disappointing is storage for luggage. And it’s all to do with the position of the standard-fit space-saver spare on the boot floor rather than under it. As a result, the 6GT’s cavernous 610-litre loading bay can’t be put to full use. For what it’s worth, the rear seat’s 40:20:40 split backrests fold flat to offer a staggering 1,800 litres of boot space, with the spare tyre removed.

BMW 6 Series Engine & Transmission

The 2018 BMW 6-Series GT was initially launched only with a petrol engine but currently there is also a diesel variant available. However, the car we’re driving today is the petrol variant which draws power from a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged motor producing 258 HP of power and 400 Nm of torque. As expected, this powerplant is extremely refined and butter smooth at all times. 0-100 km/hr comes up in just 6.8 seconds and the top speed is 230 km/hr. The powertrain feels superbly responsive lower down and accelerates with a lot of eagerness. Turbo lag is well-contained and this engine screams at higher revs as it likes to be revved hard. Being a BMW, there are multiple driving modes on offer, Comfort, ECOPRO, Sport and since comfort is a priority for the chauffeur-driven, the company has given the 6-Series GT a Comfort+ mode.

Slot to the Sport mode and the response from the engine and transmission becomes more eager. A special trait that BMW engineers have infused in this 2.0-litre motor is that only in the Sport mode, the driver will get the feeling of driving a BMW. There is an 8-speed automatic gearbox taking care of the transmission duties and we must say this is a very smooth-shifting unit. You can manually take control of things as well via the steering-mounted paddle shifts and whether you want an upshift or a downshift, any due moment, the gearbox responds all the time.

The start/stop function and brake energy regeneration features further enhance the fuel economy of the coupe. The ARAI certified fuel economy delivered by the diesel powered coupe is 17.54 kms in a litre which is impressive. Performance & Handling: The high displacement, six cylinder diesel engine enables the vehicle to sprint from zilch to 100 kmph within 5.4 seconds. BMW 6 Series top speed stands at 250 kmph which is commendable. Handling is yet another area where the coupe scores high, like other Beemers, this one too is a good handler.

BMW 6 Series Driving Dynamics

With its air springs, tall sidewall tyres and adjustable ride height (it can be raised by 20mm), the 6GT has the right ingredients to tackle India’s roads. And the fact is that the 6GT really does do a good job of things. Keep the car in Comfort and you’ll love how pliant it feels over the bumps. It just glides over surface imperfections, and the minimal road and suspension noise just enhance that experience. The suspension is very absorbent and you also don’t get that residual side-to-side movement you’d typically experience in a car with such a long wheelbase. In general, the 6GT still feels much tidier and better controlled than the air suspension-equipped Merc E 350d that tends to float, bob and pitch with an increase in speed. Of the other modes,  For price details on BMW 6 series check AutoZhop.

Comfort Plus mode adds in another layer of softness but is best suited to low-speed environments, while Sport makes the 6GT feel the most tied down at high speeds, if also a bit stiff-kneed in town. The good news is that you don’t have to constantly shuffle through the modes to suit the driving scenario. Leave the 6GT in Adaptive and it will automatically select the appropriate mode for you. Impressively, this mode reads conditions well. Also commendable is that the 6GT didn’t require us to raise its suspension to tackle bad bumps or big speed breakers in its time with us. The option to do so is handy, nonetheless.

From behind the wheel, you are always aware of the 6GT’s size but in Eco Pro and Comfort mode, the steering is light enough to make the car feel manageable. There’s more weight to the steering in Sport mode and you do get a greater sense of connect with the car, especially when it’s loaded up in a corner. However stable and planted the 6GT might feel in the bends, it’s never as agile or tight as a 5-series sedan. Purists in search for sheer driving pleasure have better options in the BMW line-up.

BMW 6 Series Braking & Safety

The 2018 BMW 630i Luxury Line comes handsomely loaded with safety features. You get 8-airbags, ABS with Brake Assist and Dynamic Braking Lights, Cornering Brake Control, Dynamic Stability Control with Dynamic Traction Control, ISOFIX child seat mounts, electric parking brake with auto hold function and runflat tyres with reinforced side walls. After sales service of the German carmaker has been a delightful experience for most owners so there’s absolutely nothing to complain on the quality of the after-sales.

BMW 6 Series Price in Hyderabad

Bmw 6 Series On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 70,01,068 to 1,42,87,141 for variants 6 Series Gran Turismo 630i Sport Line and 6 Series 640d Gran Coupe Eminence respectively. Bmw 6 Series is available in 2 variants and 8 colours. Below are details of Bmw 6 Series variants price in Hyderabad. Check for BMW 6 Series price in Hyderabad at Carzprice.

BMW 6 Series Summing Up

Since its launch, the new long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz E-class has been the default choice of anyone buying a luxury sedan solely for the rear-seat experience. The consideration set should widen with the arrival of the new 6GT. It runs the Merc real close on space and comfort, and actually offers more by way of features, give and take some missing equipment. It’s not necessarily the overall better car, but the Bimmer has the advantage of being more involving to drive, with its significantly stronger petrol engine and good dynamics.

Compared to a standard 5-series, the 6GT offers more of what typical buyers want, especially in terms of cabin room. Yes, it is pricier, but you do get significantly more car for the extra outlay. The 6GT does lack the charisma of the 5 and its shape might not be to all tastes either, but there’s no denying it is the more versatile package. The 6GT strikes a fine balance as a luxury car that’s great to drive and be chauffeured around in.

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