How To Set Up Google Meet Hardware For Your Conference Room?

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Unlike Google Meeting room hardware, all PeopleLink Meet Series are compatible with multiple VC Software including PeopleLink, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Skype, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Lifesize, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can expand and upgrade your conference room of any size with both such powerful equipment and your current VC software at hand flexibly within a few minutes!

From all-in-one video conferencing solutions to HD video cameras for any size of conference rooms, PeopleLink room solutions have what you need to maximize your Microsoft Teams experience. How to set up Google Meet Hardware that can be suitable for your conference room?

1. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for Mini Rooms

Meet Mini + Hangouts Meet Android App


Meet Mini

Meet Mini takes pride in its unique all-in-one design which is integrated with a touch screen, HD camera, coder, microphone, speaker, WiFi and built-in multifunctional software for seamless video communication, easy to set up and use for anyone.

Advanced built-in battery enables its portability, flexible to host a meeting or webinar whenever and wherever possible. Also, its powerful 64-bit CPU ensures high-performance processing ability to deliver seamless audio/video effect.

Hangouts Meet Android App

Hangouts Meet Android app allows you to get HD video and audio, multiple collaboration tools, file/screen sharing, calendar integration, instant messaging, etc. You can view presentations with high-resolution content and pinch-to-zoom function even on the mobile app.To know more details on web conferencing solution visit PeopleLink.


1. Able to expand or upgrade your conference roomwith the cost-effective hardware and various multifunctional software like Hangouts Meet Android app in an extremely hassle-free way;

2. Unlike Google Meeting Room hardware,PeopleLink Meet Mini can be portable and convenient;

3. The combination of mobile app and portable hardware helps you set up mini conference room at any time, from anywhere. It greatly reduces your worries when considering what is required for video conferencing.

Pricing Plan

The cost of this Hangouts Meet hardware kit is only $699 (not include Hangouts Meet Software subscription fees), which is also quite affordable for small business or start-ups.

2. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for Huddle Rooms

Meet S + Hangouts Meet Android App


Meet S

Meet S (formerly named Onion) is popular for its all-in-one design with both hardware and software working together to make each huddle meeting room perfect. Its elaborate design ensures the convenient installation process with only three steps required.

It is worth mentioning that Meet S delivers HD video & audio via a 1080P camera with 120 field-of-view and dual microphones. Flexible control is also reachable even when you’re using Hangouts Meet Android app on your mobile devices.

Hangouts Meet Android App

It takes the headaches out of joining a video call at work and participating in audio conferences for increased collaboration and productivity. With Hangouts Meet Android app, you can join a meeting by simply clicking a link or calling into the meeting on your phone. During the meeting, you can not only send chat messages, but also present your entire screen or a specific window.


1. An affordable video conference device with great popularity workswith multiple VC Software on the market including professional Hangouts Meet Android app.

2. Enhanced life-like HD video & audio communicationfor huddle room conferences.

3. Can control your Meet S room anywhere you want via various devices including Android devicesand T-Voice 100 as long as the software supports.

Note: If you would like to expand the audio experience, there are many speakerphones recommended like T-Voice 100 which is the perfect match for Meet S in a huddle conference room.

It is a smart conference speakerphone with a touch screen and owns the ability to capture sound from 360 degrees and deliver crystal-clear audio in the meeting room of up to 80 square meters with no need to rely on ceiling or satellite mics.

Pricing Plan

It only costs you $899 (one-time fee) for permanent access. It is much cheaper than that of Google Hangout Meet hardware.

3. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for Small Rooms

Meet Pro + Hangouts Meet Android App


Meet Pro

Meet Pro supports digital pan, tilt, and zoom (ePTZ) with remote control, and 4K sensor with HDR video capture. Its dual microphone arrays with 5-meter pick-up range deliver crystal-clear audio performance.

It comes with the speaker, mic, camera, codec and multiple video conferencing software including Hangouts Meet. This all-in-one design also ensures the easy and convenient installation process like Meet Mini and Meet S mentioned above.

Hangouts Meet Android App

Google Hangouts Meet provides an easy way for your business to hold video meetings online. It provides plenty of functions for real-time connection and collaboration.

Especially, it is integrated with text messages sending and receiving functions for quick communication via your Android devices. Besides, it also adds GIF support and a new location-sharing button, which allows you to send their GPS location to your contacts.


1. All video and audio streams in Meet are encrypted to increase the reliability.

2. Unmatched video quality is ensured by ePTZ with remote control and the 4K camerasensor and wide-angle lens while the brilliant audio quality is ensured by dual microphone arrays with 5-meter pick-up range. All members can still focus on the content in a small conference room instead of being affected by the poor audio & video quality.

3. As for the hardware, there are no too-much wire cables or scattered components; as for the software, there are no plug-ins or specific account types needed to join a meet.

4. Can get dynamic images and ultra-clear sound without any delay by virtue of its powerful Processing Technology which results in high-performance encoding/decoding capability.

Pricing Plan

You only need to pay $1299 for Meet Pro and you can enjoy the smooth video conferencing experiences in small conference rooms.For more information on virtual classroom solution check Tweetcast

4. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for Middle Rooms

Meet Plus + Hangouts Meet Windows Client


Meet Plus

Meet Plus boasts of digital pan, tilt, and zoom (ePTZ) with remote control, and 4K sensor with HDR video capture. You can get dynamic images without any delay.

Its dual microphone arrays enables 5-meter pick-up range while its all-in-one design enables the easy and convenient installation process with only three steps required. The powerful and intelligent CPU+GPU are adopted in Meet Plus, ensuring high-performance encoding or decoding capability.

Hangouts Meet Windows Client

Hangouts Meet is integrated with G Suite. Google Calendar information is available directly within the meeting so you can quickly catch up on the agenda and meeting details.

Broadcasting becomes a breeze as you can share your meeting with up to 100,000 viewers! Recording is easy, too. Host and others can watch the meeting later, once they’re feeling better.


1. Setting up a middle conference room within minutes that can contain up to 20 people by virtue of the auspicious Meet Plus and useful Hangouts Meet Windows Client.

2. Audio and video streams are specially encrypted, so meetings or online webinars are yours and no one else’s.

3. PeopleLink hardware provides HD-quality video cameras and speakers that reduce echoes, contributing to the seamless and effective collaboration.

Pricing Plan

Meet Plus is available at only $2899, a one-time fee for your permanent use. This is the one that can give you easy-to-use middle conference room and reduce you business expenses as well.

5. Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for Large Rooms

Meet X + Hangouts Meet Windows Client


Meet X

Meet X is a medium-large video conference room solution with integrated camera, codec and software. It can capture everyone in picture with 1080P PTZ wide-angle camera and surprisingly, it supports dual displays for flexible meeting presentation with up to 25 video feeds.

All these provide unparalleled meeting experience for your team collaboration. Besides, it is easy to set up in various installation ways like put at the top of the display, fixed to a tripod, placed on the table and installed on the wall or ceiling.

Hangouts Meet Windows Client

Even if someone isn’t in your organization, they can join your meeting, and you can even start a meeting on the fly! Also, you can drop a Hangouts Meet link in the Calendar invite, and you won’t have to worry about everyone fitting into the same conference room. As for the reporting API, more than 50 different reporting metrics.


1. PeopleLink Meet X can suit for every kind of business. It can hold a meeting with up to 30 people.

2. Compared with Hangouts Meet hardware, the optimized PeopleLink Meet X device provides advanced video performance and brings an immersive audio experience to our users even in large conference room.

3. PeopleLink Meet X allows dual display for flexible meeting presentation.

Note: If you would like to expand your Hangouts Meet hardware kit with standalone speakerphone for crisp audio in the larger conference room. Purchase M310 / M310 Pro or M410.

Pricing Plan

Everyone can host meetings in a medium-large at $2399 to uplevel your conference room! Picture source from Clipartkey, PNGitem, KindPNG.

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