Tsta Xenon XT Hatchback Test Drive & Performance

Tsta Xenon XT Overview

Xenon is a stylish 4-door pickup truck from Tata Motors. The production started in the year 2006, and it came into the pickup truck market in 2007. The car is stated to be one of the best designed models by Tata Motors. It started a new segment of cars in India as pickup trucks were not there earlier. Xenon XT comes in two variants, one is Ex 4×4, and the other one is Ex 4×2. Initially, it gained a lot of popularity in countries like Italy, Saudi Arabia and Poland, and thus Tata Motors decided to launch Xenon in India too.


The car is made to look rough from the outside, but then it is well furnished from inside and provides comfort as well. Being an off-road vehicle, the car has very attractively designed exteriors and interiors. The things to consider in a pickup truck are its load capability, and Xenon doesn’t upset its users on this ground. With an efficient engine, the car develops good power. Top speed of around 160 kmph is attained using the five-speed manual transmission system that comes as standard future with the car. The car offers standard features of safety and is offered in four different colour options. Apply car loan for Tsta Xenon XT.

Tsta Xenon XT Exteriors

There is a little similarity between the Xenon and the Sumo Grande and both these utility vehicles share the same headlamps. The radiator grill with the three horizontal bars has the Tata logo located in the centre. The grille is flanked by the shiny rectangular headlamps and on the front bumper you have the inverted air dam along with the round fog lamps. Another eye catching detail is the front skid plate which fits well in the overall design and adds purpose to the Xenon’s design.

The big muscular fenders are hide the 16 inch alloy wheels wrapped in 205/80 tyres. Another similarity with the Tata Sumo Grande are outside rear view mirrors. Roof rails and aluminium side steps are optional and so are the front nudge guard, roof rack, boot lid covering, bed liner, canopy, roll bars and chromed rear bumper. At the rear the Xenon has triangular tail lamps and the big TATA embossed logo on the tailgate which is inspired from Toyota.

Tsta Xenon XT Intetriors

Step inside and you’re treated to pleasant two-tone beige coloured plastics all around along with some faux wood trim for the centre console, though if you ask us, the faux wood feels a little too faux. Anyone who’s been inside any Tata SUV such as the older Safari DiCOR will feel right at home in the Xenon. But in any case, everything you expect from a modern day car you’ll find inside the cabin – air conditioning, power windows, tilt adjustable steering wheel, electrically adjustable mirrors, central locking, MP3 audio player – it’s all there. In terms of equipment, you’re not left wanting, for sure, but don’t go expecting materials and textures from cars which cost two or three times as much. The plastics which make up most of the interior might not feel very premium, but everything has a sense of being very solidly put together. All the switchgear works without faltering and overall, the feel on the inside is not too bad. If only this was the interior when the Xenon hit the market in 2009 the brand could have been established a lil earlier.

We only get the dual cab version of the Xenon here in India, so thankfully, you’ll find two extra full-sized doors and a full-sized bench for three at the back which is the right way to go for acceptance of this vehicle among adventurous families. Surprisingly however, space at the back isn’t massive and feels like it could be out of a medium sized hatchback. The backrest of the rear bench however is angled way too vertically and this could be a cause for some discomfort for passengers on longer journeys. These are the soft issues which need re-addressing rather than reconciling and here is where the Tata Motors stylists and packaging engineers need to sit, think and come up with potent new ideas which are not just stylish but also deliver ergonomics of a high order. The interior is just right for basic acceptance and from here on any and every level of customisation would be a cinch.

Tsta Xenon XT  Gearbox

The entire performance of a vehicle is based on the proficiency of its motor’s capacity. Especially, when it is in case of an off-roading vehicle, the buyers expect a far more promising equipment. This model series is integrated with a 2.2-litre Dicor diesel engine which has a displacement capacity of around 2179cc. This is incorporated with four cylinders and sixteen valves, which are based on a dual overhead camshaft valve system, which is associated with a variable turbine technology. It is run by a common rail direct injection fuel supply system, which enables this vehicle to squeeze out a decent mileage of 13.49 Kmpl on the highways and settles down at 10.24 Kmpl under city conditions. Check for Tsta Xenon XT  in spectralreview

This engine has a capability to produce a maximum power of about 138.08bhp. Its efficiency in generating a peak torque output of 320Nm at the range of about 1750 to 2700rpm. This vehicle is incorporated with a five-speed manual transmission gearbox. . This model series is incorporated with a diesel engine that is associated with a common rail direct injection fuel supply system. This allows this motor to deliver a mileage of about 10.24 Kmpl in the cities and around 13.49 Kmpl on freeways.This vehicle is offered with equipment that helps in delivering a great amount of power and therefore make this series an efficient one to rely upon while riding off the roads. This has dual overhead camshaft valve train system within which there are four cylinders and sixteen valves. It has a capacity in producing a power output of 138.08bhp and can generate a peak torque of 320NM at 1750 to 2700rpm range.It is equipped with vacuum assisted independent hydraulic brakes.

The front wheels are fitted with a set of ventilated disc brakes with twin pot caliper. On the other hand, the rear wheels are fixed with drum brakes which are auto adjusting type. When it comes to the suspension, an independent double wishbone is integrated to the front axle, whereas, the rear axle is accompanied by parabolic leaf springs. The braking mechanism efficiency is much more improved by equipping an anti-lock braking system which is further accompanied by an electronic brake-force distribution. This will provide the vehicle with firmer grip over all kinds of roads and also offers the driver to have better control over the drive.

Tsta Xenon XT Driving

An unladen rear end (the rear suspension has been designed to carry huge load), lots of torque and a tall body make for interesting dynamics for the Xenon. The steering offers a fair amount of feel and there is decent communication from the front end. The comparatively skinny tyres give you ample warning too, and you can feel the Xenon begin to slide in a controllable manner. Load up the rear with around 200kg and the ride settles down remarkably. The choppiness in the rear subsides and that pogo effect, especially when you hit a speedbreaker or a sharp pothole, is less severe.

On tarmac, the Xenon is very composed and easily manageable too. Off-road though, it isn’t as convincing. While the Xenon’s alloy chin protector for the intercooler looks good, sitting low down it’s quite vulnerable. Besides, the relative soft front has the nose diving agonisingly onto its bump stops. To select four-wheel drive, you need to operate the rather fiddly roller switch that is located behind the steering wheel, on the dashboard. The Xenon has a limited-slip differential though and in slippery conditions this will definitely be to its advantage, although it wasn’t really put to the test on the arid, rocky terrain we took it over.

Tsta Xenon XT Safety

Braking system comprises of Vacuum assisted booster master cylinder with ventilated disc-twin pot calliper front and adjustable type rear drum, and as ABS and EBD are standard on all variants offers adequate braking force when required. Safety features include necessary items as 3 points adjustable seat and lap belts with unfastened warning, collapsible steering column, door open alarm, rear seat child lock, Immobilizer and door intrusion beam

Tsta Xenon XT Summing Up

The Xenon XT feels up market, comes with nice interiors and a good ride overall. It also has a high performing engine and a competitive price. However, it is not for the city as it is just too big and unwieldy in regular driving conditions. Yet, for those who love adventure, this makes for a unique but nice choice. To know more about Tata Cars in India, tap here for more information.


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